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iwpDon’t you hate having to go into multiple WordPress sites that you own to update every plugin, theme, or core WordPress files? It can get crazy if you own multiple sites like myself. Well I found something you might like and it’s called InfiniteWP.

Infinite WordPress is a management platform that allows you to handle WordPress tasks by simply clicking a button. It is a self-hosted service which is completely FREE of charge. Yep it’s free folks!

With the help of InfiniteWP you can add as many WordPress sites as you want or handle from one dashboard. This allows you to save soo much time and effort otherwise spent in managing your WordPress tasks. InfiniteWP automates your tasks and processes them in bulk.

I currently use it to manage over 12 WordPress sites and I can tell you it is a huge time saver!  Imagine updating all those plugins and themes! It can be a real pain!

Because InfiniteWP  is a self-hosted service, its interface must be installed on your server. You may also need a little technical know-how for setting up your sites in the InfiniteWP environment. However the beauty of the service is you get full control and maximum freedom!

There are several features offered by infiniteWP. The basic features can be used for free while more features can be added by purchasing any of the available first-rate add-ons offered on the site. The add-ons cost around $50 to $100 annually. The price of the add-ons include support and updates for a year. After the lapse of one year, you can still use the add-ons for free for an indefinite period, however, you will not get either updates or support. Yearly renewal will cost half the original price of the add-on.

The thing which sets infiniteWP apart from its competitors is the fact that it is self-hosted. Most competitors offer similar services but you would have to host your sites on their cloud servers leaving you powerless if something should happen.

One great feature I found  priceless was the backup feature which allows you to backup databases and files over all of your sites with a simple click. That is heaven on earth! There is also another feature that allows you to install WordPress plugins and themes from the infiniteWP dashboard. If you run more than one WordPress site you already know the struggle to get all those sites updated to the latest version. Now it all can be done easily inside the infiniteWP dashboard.

So if you have plenty of WordPress sites or a mini-niche site empire built on WordPress that you need to manage, seriously take a look at  infiniteWP. It makes your WordPress management tasks simple and it frees you from doing all the mind numbing mundane tasks of going into each site and doing updates. Now you can do them from one dashboard.

If you are using infiniteWP or something similar I would like to know how it is working out for you. Just leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below 🙂



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