HireWriters.com Reivew: Should You Outsource Your Blog Content?

If you are anything like me then you probably struggle when it comes to writing content for your online sites. I have gotten to the point where I knew I had to outsource some of the content writing. That’s when I stumbled upon Hirewriters.com.

Hirewriters is one of many content producing outsourcing sites on the internet. It has been around for awhile now and has become increasingly popular. The website has created an impact as one of the fastest and the most reliable article-writing sites online. They have done extremely well in the content creation industry, because they use writers of various writing levels and educational backgrounds.

Below is my video review of Hirewriters.com where I share my experience using the service.

I want to share a few more things that I may have not mentioned in the video.

If you use Hirewriters, you have to decide the category of writers you want to write your assignment. Currently there are four categories of writers, which include beginner, general, skilled, and expert writers. Expert is the highest level, followed by skilled, general and lastly the beginner. Every writer starts from the beginner writing skill level until he or she graduates to the expert level by attaining the required number of points. If you want your articles to be written by expert writers, the amount you would pay will not be the same with what you will pay a skilled, general or a beginner writer. Expect it to be a little higher. Of course when you pay a little more expect that you will receive the best quality articles from those expert writers.

When you outsource your content to hirewriters.com, you will leave instructions on what you want done in the article, in addition to the time you want the article to be submitted. You have to make your instructions very clear so that the writer looking at your project would easily understand what you are looking for and pick it up for writing. If a writer failed to submit the article within the specified time, the job will be returned to the job queue where another writer will claim the job and the previous writer penalized. If the writer submits the job and you approve it, the writer gets payment for the job. Whether you approve or reject a job, you have to leave an appropriate review of the job.

You should know that your acceptance and the rejection rate are captured by hirewriters.com. Your acceptance and rejection rate determine how writers will claim your job from the queue. At hirewriters.com, clients are the boss, they determine whether to accept or reject an article. Their ratings determine how writers progress in hirewriters.com. When the job is delivered to you, you have the copyright.

I can say that I am pleased with the quality of content that I get from Hirewriters. Of course if you select writers that are less experienced expect to go behind them to correct grammar and spelling errors. So far I haven’t had this problem when I select well experienced writers. I plan to use Hirewriters for a good portion of my content marketing projects and on some of my affiliate sites.

If you have used Hirewriters before or any other content producing outsource service, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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