10 Reasons To Use A WordPress Blog Over Any Other Blogging System

wordpressThe use of WordPress is a great solution for adding a blog to a website over many other options.

This is one of the most popular options for blogging software available on the market.

In this post I am going to give you 10 reasons why you should choose WordPress as your  preferred platform

for blogging or as a content management system.

Ease of Use

WordPress has an intuitive interface which makes it easy to use. Users will be able to add new blog posts and pages with very little effort. Also adding media elements to your blog posts and pages is easy even for the most technically challenged.

Easy to Access
Users can access their WordPress site from any computer connected to the Internet. This is available if you choose to build your blog on the free hosted browser-based platform that WordPress offers. If you run your blog on a self-hosted platform you can still access your blog through the admin panel.

No HTML Editing
Templates are available to create a customized site without the need to edit any HTML. This will mean a user is able to create a new blog post, upload images, or format text directly from the dashboard. This is great for those none coders and people who do not want to fumble with any programming language!

Search Engines
Search engines like Google love content and using a CMS like WordPress makes it easy to feed content to the search engines. WordPress is a platform with code that is simple and clean. This means there are no issues when a blog is being indexed by Google or any other search engine. Keywords and tags can be added to every post, title, or image. This is crucial as proper keywords are necessary for proper SEO. You are also able to set your permalink structure in your admin panel. This allows you to optimize your blog post url display for search.

Users Have Control
A user can make a change or update their site at any time. There is no need for a web designer as there are themes that can be selected or updated with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Most other blog platforms don’t allow for a self-hosted option which means you don’t control your content and they can place ads on your site whenever they choose. Even worse if they choose to shut down their site you will lose all the content you published which would be really bad. If you use the WordPress self-hosted option you control everything!

Completely Customizable
WordPress is a platform that acts as an engine for a website. This means any tweak or additions can be made to create a customized website. A user can create their own brand which can then be shared with social media and other online sites. WordPress is very versatile and can be used to create eCommerce sites, membership sites, directories, mobile sites, and anything else you can dream up. I’m sure someone has pushed the limits on what you can do with a WordPress CMS.

The use of plug-ins allows users to expand the functionality of their site. There are various plug-ins that can be used to add a Facebook sharing option, a Twitter feed, YouTube videos and many more. You can absolutely go crazy installing plugins! Just keep in mind that these plugins can bog down the performance of your site and cause to run at less than optimal levels. So only keep the plugins that are vital to your site growth and help to build your audience.

Built-In Functions
A blog is a built-in function of WordPress. This means users can include email subscriptions or add an RSS feed to their blog. Commenting capabilities for visitors can also be added.

Mobile Web
Visitors do not need to use a desktop computer to see the capabilities of a blog. WordPress is set up for the mobile website user. Another aspect about WordPress is many themes are responsive and will display a site to be fully functional for a mobile user. Responsive means that it can be viewed on smaller screen sizes without any loss in image quality. The site will conform to the new screen size. This is important when choosing a theme as most site visitors will probably view your site on their mobile device when on the go.

Open Source
WordPress is a platform that is open source. This means there are no limitations and restrictions that you will find with most commercial products used for blogs. A user is able to use WordPress in anyway they need in order to develop a blog that is customization and unique for them.

Hopefully you were able to see why choosing WordPress could be a better option for your site. If you are still on the fence don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments below.

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